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Speargun Shafts:

When ordering speargun shafts it is important to have one that is correctly matched for the size and power of your speargun. Speargun shafts are manufactured in a wide variety of thicknesses, lengths and styles and each has it's designed purpose. To start with length, it is generally recommended that the length of the speargun shaft be 40 cm longer than the length of the speargun. For example, a 95 cm speargun would usually use a shaft around 130 cm. Speargun shafts are usually designed with either notched, finned or pinned style rests for the wishbone to load on. For the most part notched shafts are designed to be used with steel or wired wishbones in one form or another. Speargun shafts with shark finned tabs or pinned tabs are designed to work with corded wishbones. The business end of the shaft is either designed with a single flopper, double flopper or a slip tip. Single and double floppers are hinged with a pin and designed to open upon the penetration of the shaft through the fish and stop the fish from coming off the shaft. Sometimes large prey can have the ability to bend a speargun shaft. Shafts with slip tip point allow the end of the shaft to deploy upon penetrating the fish and allows the shaft to hang loosely and prevent the shaft from being damaged by the large body of the fish. Shafts are also made for either euro or American style trigger mechanism so you should be sure of what type of trigger mechanism your speargun has before purchasing a shaft to use with it. See our shaft categories for more info on each.