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Rob Allen Vecta Composite Speargun Reel Rob Allen Vecta Belt Reel with Line Mares Vertical Spiro 87 Speargun Reel
light weight and durable horizontal mount open reel with 55 m line capacity. Perfect for Rob Allen railguns, euro style spearguns and popular addition to wooden spearguns 55m capacity comes spooled with line and loop, easily attaches to weight belt without having to remove weights
vertical mount reel with patented easy to operate clutch
Mares Vertical Spiro 65 Speargun Reel
small vertical mount reel with patented easy to operate clutch
Speargun Reels:

Speargun Reels are a vital accessory for spearguns and commonly used for either of 2 reasons. The use of reel on a speargun allows you to shoot large fish which pull line from the reel and allow you to haul the fish in by pulling in the line. Another reason to choose to use a speargun reel is the diver can shoot fish and surface if the fish should become tangled or held up in a hole. Most speargun reels are designed with adjustable drag systems so that you can select how much resistance to place on the line with the finer ones offering the ability to easily manage the drag setting while in the water. Todays reels for spearguns are constructed from a variety of materials from metals like aluminum and stainless steel to plastics and carbon fiber. If you plan on persuing a fish (like large pelagics ) that can potentially pull out more line than the capacity of your reel size can hold you should look to other options. The line capacity of most speargun reels can handle most fish species and situations and are a valued investment.