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Speargun Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

Speargun Repair New England FreediveNew England Freedive Spearfishing Co can perform any routine maintenance or repairs needed on your spearguns and gear. From a detailed inspection and rigging your speargun with new bands and shooting line to replacing broken parts such as handles, trigger mechanisms and muzzles. We have access to parts from many brands and provide an affordable service to keep you diving. We stock mono shooting line in a range of tests. We also custom make power bands to your specified length using high-end rubber with a continuous or replaceable spectra wishbones. All that along with the best reel line options on the market, muzzle bungees, snap swivels and exceptional attention to detail !

We can service just about any item from 2 band 70cm reef guns to 4 or 5 band 160cm + bluewater hunting spearguns... We will treat your speargun like it is our own and will consult with you prior to any work being done.

We recommend replacing your speargun bands every two years, reel line every 2-3 and shooting line with terminal tackle should be replaced every season. Inspect for damage to replace as needed throughout the season.You do not want to lose that fish of a lifetime due to component failure.

*NEF Preventative Maintenance and Care Tips.
  1. Always wash your speargun and flush reel with clean fresh water immediately or as quickly as possible after a dive session.
  2. Keep speargun bands and shooting line out of direct sunlight whenever possible. UV rays can breakdown rubber in bands which will lead to premature cracking and failure. Mono and nylon/mono blend shooting lines can be affected similarly. Store out of direct sunlight and transport with covered or in speargun bag.
  3. Spray and wipe down aluminum speargun barrels and rubber bands with a silicone spray to remove deposit buildup and / or prevent it.
  4. Spraying trigger mechanisms periodically with a quality lubricant and corrosion preventative will remove harmful salt deposit build up and lubricate properly. We recommend a Food Grade Silicone like CRC.

Common Speargun Maintenance Packages

2 Band Speargun with Reel :
  • Speargun cleaning - salt deposit removal
  • Mechanism, reel and component removal for inspection, cleaning & tuning.
  • 2 New custom speargun bands ( 14 or 16 mm) any length.
  • Replace reel line with up to 55 meters / 180 ft of high quality 2mm Spectra Reel Line.
  • New NEF black nylon/mono shooting line replacement with choice of 250, 300 or 400 lb test, single or double wrap.
  • Large heavy duty swivel clip connection between reel line and shooting line.
  • For guns requiring 3 or more bands figure +$18.50 per each added band.

2 Band Speargun without Reel : $55.00
  • Speargun cleaning - salt deposit removal
  • Mechanism and component removal for inspection, cleaning & tuning.
  • 2 custom speargun bands ( 14 or 16 mm)
  • Replace muzzle bungee
  • New NEF black nylon/mono shooting line replacement with choice of 250, 300 or 400 lb test, single or double wrap.

Custom Made Speargun Band Replacement:
  • $ 17.50 per band up to 24 inch length
  • $ 18.50 per band for larger length
  • Specific stock brand bands available by special order
  • Custom bands for Roller Spearguns quoted by gun model and length

Shooting Line:
  • 250 lb test - $ 0.30 per foot + 2 crimps @ $0.30 each
  • 300 lb test - $ 0.35 per foot + 2 crimps @ $0.30 each
  • 400 lb test - $ 0.45 per foot + 2 crimps @ $0.30 each

Reel Line Replacement:
  • 55m reels - 2mm spectra - $ 55.00
  • 100m reels - 2mm spectra - $ 100.00

Parts Replacement
  • Parts replacement quoted by specific speargun model and part.

Spearguns can be dropped off, shipped or you can bring them in by appointment and I will perform all services on the spot while you are here.

Please contact us in advance to schedule maintenance/repairs/upgrades or receive a quote on parts or service:

phone # 774-644-3564