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Spearfishing Gear Bags

Spearfishing gear bags are a great way to carry and protect your spearfishing gear during transit to and back from the dive site. Our selection of gear bags for freediving come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for spearfishing. General purpose diving bags can carry everything from wetsuits, masks and freediving fins as well as all other dive equipment. Speargun bags are designed to allow you to easily carry multiple spearguns, shafts and related equipment in a protective manner. If you need a great way to carry your diving gear on shore dives where you have a considerable walk, a spearfishing backpack is an excellent tool for the job. These specialized backpacks are designed to allow you to carry all your diving gear as well as spearguns comfortably on your back to the water. An important quality of any good diving gear bag is a construction from quality materials and durable components. to withstand their exposure to harsh environments such as salt water and sun.