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Mares Razor Fin Fixing Kit Mares Razor Matrix Freediving Fins Mares Razor Pro Freediving Fins
fixing kit includes all hardware needed for mounting fin blades to Mares Razor foot pockets
blend of carbon and fiberglass materials, comes mounted in razor foot pockets. * Protective fin bag included.
comfortable foot pockets with interchangeable technopolymer fin blades

Freediving Fins

Freediving fins for spearfishing. Specially designed fins are used by freedive spear fisherman to increase performance in diving. The elongated length as well as other key design features such as materials, shape and stiffness all play a roll in establishing the intended performance. Freediving fins come in many designs with each it's own unique features that a spear fisherman of any skill level can be sure to find a fin to match his intended use. Almost all fins for free diving are of two types - either a one piece fin, where the fin blade and foot pocket are all constructed together or a 2 piece fin where the fin blade and foot pocket are two separate pieces. Most one piece freediving fins are constructed from some type of plastic fin blade which is good for diving depths up to 20 meters. These are also an affordable option for beginners or for use in some diving situation such as shore diving where depths greater than 20 meters would not be reached. Two piece freediving fins allow you to match the foot pockets with some more advanced fin blade materials such as fiberglass or carbon. An important feature of these advanced fin blade materials is lighter weight and specialized performance due to the flexing motion. Some carbon and fiberglass blades can even be purchased in different thicknesses to help you match the diver to the performance of the fin blade.