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Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Computer
Intuitive and feature packed freediving wrist computer ! Record and monitor your dive depths, depth time, water temp, surface recovery time, hydration alarm, ascent and descent speed alarm and much much more !

Freediving Computers

Freediving wrist computers are a valued tool of freedivers and used by many spearfisherman. This tool is worn on the wrist like a dive watch but incorporates many more advanced functions other than time keeping. Most freediving computers can record depths and dive information. Recorded information such as current depth, the number of dives, depth of dives and bottom time. A important design function of the freedive wrist computer is it allows you to utilize the minimal surface breath up intervals between dives which is based on the length of the previous dive time. Some freediving computers even offer advanced features such as descending depth alarm and repeating at depth interval alarms. Another great advantage is that almost all freediving computers allow you to transfer records of each dive session from the wrist computer to your pc to analyze or store.