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Freediving Classes and Instruction

Dylan Currier, FII Level 2 Freediving Instructor and Rhode Island native, will be holding several Level 1 Freediver courses throughout the summer in Newport, RI. Classes are scheduled for the following weekends: June 08-09, July 20-21, August 03-04.

Dylan was trained by FII founder and 13x world record holder Martin Stepanek, and lives in Kona, Hawaii throughout the winter where he regularly teaches, trains, and spearfishes,

Dylan Currier Freediving Classes in Rhode Island

These 2-day courses run from 8-6pm on Day 1, consisting of a 4 hour classroom session followed by 3 hours of practical exercises in pool-like conditions, and allowing for lunch and travel time. The classroom powerpoint presentation covers all freediving physics and physiology, the human respiratory system, safety and problem management, proper breathing techniques, equalization, and proper freediving equipment. After an hour break, the confined water session ensues, which consists of instruction and drilling of proper surface-water-entry technique, kicking technique, safety and problem management skills, and finally concludes with static apnea exercises. Students are limited to a maximum breath hold of 3 minutes.

Day 2 consists of a 2hr open-water session at Fort Weatherhill State Park, where students apply all the knowledge and skills learned the previous day as they practice freediving on a line up to a max of 15m/54ft (depth is limited due to bottom contour and local conditions at Fort Weatherhill).

This FII course teaches the fundamental skills that allow you to freedive efficiently and safely. Passing students will be certified to set up a controlled freediving environment, provide proper freediving safety, handle hypoxic scenarios such as loss of motor control and blackout, engage in static apnea training with other properly trained individuals, and safely practice breath-hold diving to a max of 20m/66ft.

For more information, visit Dylan’s FII profile at
www.freedivinginstructors.com/dylan.currier . A $100 deposit reserves your seat in the course. Dylan is also available for private instruction, and will be in Rhode Island until the end of August 2019.

Please contact Dylan directly to get enrolled in an upcoming class or obtain more information.
Please state referred from NEF Spearfishing Co.

Phone # (401) 741-1711
Email: dylancurrier21@gmail.com