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Spearfishing Gear for Freedivers ! We share your passion for Freedive Spearfishing and New England Freedive Spearfishing Co supplies spearfisherman with the best spearguns, wetsuits and freediving gear available. As New England’s premier outfitter of freedive spearfishing gear we now provide our famous dedicated service to divers everywhere. NEFREEDIVE.COM offers the sports top spearguns, spearfishing wetsuits, specialized freediving fins, freediving masks and all the right spearfishing gear to help you achieve your goals. What sets us apart from others is our dedication to helping you find the correct speargun, freediving equipment or spearfishing gear. Google+

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Rob Allen Vecta Composite Speargun Reel Rob Allen 12 Liter Dive Float with Flag & Keel Weight Package HammerHead 18 inch HD Stainless Steel Hoop Fish Stringer
HammerHead Evolution2 Raptor Speargun 95 cm HammerHead Remora 70M Composite Speargun Reel Neptonics 2.0 Dyneema / Spectra Speargun Reel Line 55 meter Spool