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American Speargun Shafts:
American style speargun shafts are easily identifiable by the squared notch cut into the underside of the shaft where it would lock into the trigger mechanism (see pic). These speargun shafts are made ONLY to used with spearguns that are designed with an American style trigger mechanism. When selecting a American speargun shaft length a common rule of thumb is to use a shaft that is approximately 40 cm longer than the gun size. Example - a 90 cm speargun will usually come from the manufacturer with a 130 cm length shaft. Any diameter size shaft from 6.5 mm to 8 mm can be used with most American trigger mechs unless otherwise noted by the manufacturer. If you need a larger diameter shaft or you are not sure what speargun shaft will be compatible with your speargun, please do not hesitate to contact us.